How to go from dreamer to achiever

We all are dreamers and its alright to dream. However, eventually we will want to realize our dreams and there is a fine line between dreaming and realizing your dreams.

In order to achieve your dreams you must have them written down. The starting point is to write your dreams down on paper, then commit to achieving them. Now here’s the secret to achieving your dreams and bringing them into reality.

You simply must shift your perception  to believing you have your dreams now. I recently created a quote I would like to share with you here, which will help you to understand what I mean by this.

“The secret to realizing your dreams & goals is to go from being a dreamer to an self-actualizer! To say “I’m ready to have what I want right now!” Instead of continuing to say “one day I’ll get there”.”

Being ready, to achieve your goals and dreams, is truly allowing the Universe to deliver it to you. Its a matter of saying, “Enough is enough, I am going to be the person that is necessary to achieve the life I want”.

For example, say you want to lose 40 pounds. Here’s what you would do:

– Research the best weight loss diets, supplements and exercise programs

– Start a 21 day routine which covers a specific diet, exercise and nutritional supplement schedule

– Once you reach day 21, you will have formed a new habitual routine which you can easily continue, because you are now “achieving” your goal of losing 40 pounds! Your no longer dreaming, “Someday I will lose this weight”.

Achievement requires careful research of information related to what you want to accomplish, and then planning a routine which you will commit to follow in order to reach 21 days of consistent effort. Actually doing it!

My grandmother would always say to me “Do It”. I would say, yeah I will do this and do that, and she would simply reply with a powerful intent “DO IT”. I was still a dreamer at that point. I realized I had to let bad habits go, and formulate new habits I will adopt until they are natural to me. This is exactly what you need to do, in order to shift from being a dreamer to an achiever!

Dream for 10 minutes and then write down what it is you would love to have in your life. Research out information on the subject so you are well versed in the techniques and mechanics of it all, then draw out your plan of daily actions, and begin!



















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