The External World and Your Own World

In order to reclaim your power you must learn the difference between the external world and your own inner world. Knowing the difference empowers you to take control of your ability to decide and choose the type of life experiences you deeply desire.

The external world is everything happening outside you. Now to not get too deeply into this, with the fact that “everything” you perceive in the external world is caused by you, let’s look at it in a slightly easier understanding.

In order to truly experience the life you deeply desire, you must regain control of your inner world. The external world will exist and continue on its own, however when you disengage from the external world and place your focus on your inner world you give yourself the power to be in control of what happens to you, in your experience of the outside world.

Your own world is your perception of the outside world. By choosing thoughts and feelings that match the life you would like to experience, allows the universe to begin the manifestation process of giving you desirable external world experiences.

When you are focused on the positive and abundance thoughts and feelings your cumulative beliefs begin to create the inner world power within you, supplying you with the creative power of these cumulative thought forms to thus allow the outside world to bend to your favor.

To summarize, you must detach from the external world, and spend more time focused on your own world. Your day to day life needs to be focused and centered on the things you desire, believing then can and will be yours. Expectant thoughts are powerful and they will help to pull matching frequencies of experience to your thoughts and beliefs.

Forget about the current state of the world, and instead, get centered on your own individual thoughts. You get to choose what you want to think and believe. Do not let outside external mental influences distract your own mind from its focus on thinking and feeling “as if” you have the life you deeply desire “right now”!

Turn off the television, and spend time thinking about your life. How can you improve your life and your world? How can you make your world a better place? Then start thinking and feeling as if the change you desire to see if on its way to you now!

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